We reduced travel expenditures by over 30% Source: Saskatoon Health Region Home Care




opusTrack is a mileage determination tool that generates significant time and cost savings in managing the travel expenditure component of the home care budget. Either as an automated payroll tool for determining mileage allowance compensation or as an audit tool to validate mileage expense claims, opusTrack brings precision and logic to these administrative functions. 

Utilizing proprietary network and geographic/spatial analysis algorithms, opusTrack uses information extracted from a service provider scheduling database and calculates aggregate travel distances along every scheduled route. 

As an automated payroll tool, opusTrack automatically derives the required travel distances from the home care visit schedules assigned to individual employees.

Based upon a customizable rule-based payment structure the software then determines the travel expense re-imbursement for each employee and generates a corresponding payroll stub. 

As an audit tool, opusTrack is used to validate travel allowance expense claims submitted by employees.

Product Benefits

  • Potential for immediate reduction in bottom-line costs
  • Integrated address integrity checks
  • Multi address support for relocated clients
  • Provides detailed reports, summarizing mileage statistics and configurable trending reports for administrative analysis
  • Automated generation of travel mileage paystubs
  • Eliminates the time consuming and error prone task of field staff submitting mileage claims
  • Integrated conflict resolution interface
  • Integrated road construction interface
  • Accurate road networks that are updated regularly
  • Provides shortest route calculations for urban and rural visits
  • Reduces administrative costs by streamlining the payroll function for mileage expense

opusTrack Locator

opusTrack Locator provides administrative staff with the tools necessary to assist in locating Rural Clients (i.e. those living on Acreages or Farms) on a digital map. The application displays a number of map layers and provides various query capabilities to pinpoint clients to a specific geographic coordinate based upon a “General Location Description”. opusTrack Locator provides Healthcare Service Providers the capability to locate all rural clients and ultimately the ability to calculate mileage for ALL visits within the provider's area of service regardless of their client's geographic setting.